Coaching & Programs

Please contact me directly for additional details and pricing related to any of these options.

The Holistic How To Signature Program: S.P.A.

A transformative, 3-step system designed to guide you from a life filled with stress, burn out, and underachievement or struggle to a vibrant life where you consistently manifest and fulfill your own unique potential. S.P.A. stands for:

  • Practicing Essential Self-Care
  • Maximizing Your Productivity, Becoming More Presentand Your True Potential
  • Accelerating Achievement, Abundantly

You will learn how to free up precious time and energy needed to prioritize your health.  You’ll find you no longer have to play catchup every day because you will have renewed focus.  You’ll actually achieve the goals you set.  You’ll know your purpose and live it every day.  And, you’ll finally know how it feels to be “in balance” and living a life you truly love.

3-Month S.P.A. Intensive

This comprehensive 90-day program really ties it all together:In Phase 1, Essential Self-Care, I create a custom program of healthy self-care habits for you.  Most productivity and success programs fall short by neglecting this crucial step.In Phase 2, Presence & Potential, you’ll learn cutting edge productivity secrets to help you reclaim the precious time lost every day.  We also explore your purpose, your passion, and possibilities for the future.  This is where the transformation really occurs!Armed with leading edge self-care techniques and knowing your true purpose and potential, you are in excellent shape to start achieving the right goals abundantly.In Phase 3, Abundance Accelerated, you’ll learn how to manifest wealth in all areas of your life, and start to accomplish your wildest dreams!The program includes an intensive breakthrough / strategy session, 2 in-person (for Portland,Oregon-area clients) or phone/Skype support sessions per month, and e-mail support.


1-Month S.P.A. Selective

Each individual program (Essential Self-Care, Presence & Potential & Abundance Accelerated), is 30-days in length and offers in-depth and exploratory change work for the specific and unique issues you may be experiencing regarding stress, burn-out, and/or inability to achieve your personal goals.Each program includes an intensive breakthrough / strategy session, 2 in-person (for Portland,Oregon-area clients) or phone/Skype support sessions, and e-mail support.


6-Month Total Transformation

You set the agenda! A customized and comprehensive one-on-one holistic coaching program teaches you how to feel better and look better, naturally. Includes an initial 1:1 breakthrough / strategy session and 2 in-person (for Portland, Oregon-area clients) or phone/Skype support sessions per month for 6 months. E-mail support is provided between sessions.


Home Study Programs

Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home! Quickly adopt simple and positive lifestyle habits by taking action. Each program comes complete with an initial coaching session, its own workbook and action guide, plus lots of references.


Group Coaching

A variety of special topics are presented to groups over several weeks, in either live or online settings. Check out my website for the dates and agenda for the next program. Special reduced rates apply if you bring a friend!


Workshops & Webinars

Interactive workshops and seminars on a variety of timely topics are presented live at your location. Webinars & teleseminars are also offered; either is a great option for the time-stretched or those in other time zones.


Short-Term Individualized Coaching

I also offer short-term (minimum 30 days) individualized coaching for specific and unique concerns to you. Please contact me directly for Individual Coaching.